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Head of Commercial / Partnerships

At marketgoo we are hiring a Head of Commercial / Partnerships. This a high level role at the company to contribute to scale our business.

We're looking for a this role to support marketgoo’s growth by: Qualifying and acquiring a unattended portfolio of 200 global partners to keep developing our reselling business of SEO SaaS solutions and introducing our data intelligence solutions to enterprise SMB providers worldwide

Full Time Sales

Senior SRE

marketgoo has a solid infrastructure without IaaS providers. Don't get it wrong, we don't hate them and we make use of some services like S3 but we are not 100% into AWS or Google Cloud and we don't expect to be there soon. If you are wondering why you can see some good reasoning in well known industry references like Ahrefs or 37Signals.
However, we are growing and we are ambitious for the next 3 years, so we are looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineer who can help us to make the right decisions. If we keep growing our needs may change and we have to be ready to make decisions like moving to IaaS providers if needed (or not).
We look for somebody who wants to grow with us and add his knowledge and specific expertise to the team about distributed systems, scalability, resilience, load balancing and high availability. So far the backend team is managing the infrastructure with a DevOps mindset and we want to keep this way of thinking. We don't look for a sysadmin who provides the team but a full team member who understands the complexities of our product and our code to make it all work together. At the end of the day the goal is to provide a great service to our customers and be proud of what we do.
Some technologies we use are C++, PHP, MySQL, ClickHouse, Redis, Nginx, Docker, Consul or Terraform. We don't expect that you already know all our technologies, you will learn over time. You will also take part in the decision making and design process and you will be accountable for your decisions.
Ideally you should have some development experience to understand the whys about our infrastructure.

Full Time Engineering

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