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NOTE: this is a remote position. We don't have offices and run a distributed team. Although this position is subject to spend time for meetings locally in Madrid, Spain. At marketgoo we are hiring an Integrator, a high level key role to execute the business plan by managing and integrating major functions. 

Note: the Integrator term is related to the EOS model which is a system to support the management of companies. The alternative title to Integrator is usually a COO, GM or Chief of Staff.

An Integrator is the person who is the tie-breaker for the Leadership Team, is the glue for the organization, holds everything together, provides cadence, is accountable for the P&L results, executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, and is the steady force in the organization.

The Integrator also creates organizational clarity, communication, and consistency; typically operates more on logic; drives results; forces resolution, focus, team unity, prioritization and follow-through; is the filter for all of the Visionary’s ideas; harmoniously integrates the Leadership Team, and helps to remove obstacles and barriers.

Who are we?

marketgoo operates in the B2B SaaS space. Our WHY is to build a company our own way while we create digital products. At this point we operate two business lines that provide web presence providers with solutions that they resell and a solution for agencies to optimize their reporting activities.  

Our mission is to help businesses succeed online. marketgoo offers software solutions for SMBs to grow their business online by providing powerful, yet simple and easy to use SEO tools. We are a small, bootstrapped, profitable company that is fully distributed - although most of our members live in Spain. 

We operate a moderate complex business that works with dozens of partners and resellers all over the world with English spoken markets as our main target. Our resellers are Hosting Companies, SMB providers, WordPress providers, Telecommunication companies and digital Agencies.

Our Culture is above our project. We believe in transparency, personal growth, high impact and profitability. We make a big deal about Culture because it’s the most valuable asset. See more in our Culture Handbook, our Instagram page and get the B-Roll on Pinterest.

Our momentum 

Our main business is 10 years old and has been evolving ever since, but we feel like our story is just beginning. We operate a stable global SaaS business and we are on a mission to scale our company in the following years. Our 3 year picture is to double our revenue by expanding our main business and launching another successful product. Our team is young and hungry to keep evolving in our business footprint but also in the way we do business. 

About the job

This is a key role for our business. We are looking for a person that would make a huge impact in the way we operate while being an important part of the scale up we are looking for in the next few years. Our company is very well organized, but the context we operate in is complex and we are looking for a role that would have an execution mindset and that would be working on the trenches and operations. This is the perfect job for somebody who has previous experience running operations in a SaaS or software company, that is looking for a challenge to impact in a company that has all the traits to scale. This is a high responsibility role. 

You'll be working closely with the Leadership Team of marketgoo which consists of the Visionary (another EOS term), Head of Product, Head of Engineering and Head of Marketing. We expect you to spend at least two weeks of onboarding process in Madrid

About you

  • You should have previous experience managing a multidisciplinary team (Minimum 20 pax) at a high responsibility level. You preferably had an Head of Operations role or similar and had been accountable for leading a P&L

  • You may had run your own business as a GM/CEO from the trenches and now you are looking to continue leveraging your experience in another project

  • You should have a strong understanding of SaaS or Software development and being part of companies that reach high levels of efficiency

  • Your common traits are:

    • B2b SaaS/Software development context experience

    • Personally accountable

    • Adept to self-management

    • Good at planning and organizing

    • Strong leadership skills

    • Effective conflict manager

    • Catalyst for team cohesion

    • Goal achiever

    • Enhance the efficiency of resources

    • Conceptual thinker

    • Decisive, resilient, adaptable and persuasive

    • Able to understand and evaluate others

    • Forward thinking

    • Problem solver

    • Continuous learner 

  • Great communicator. We want you to express your ideas with assertiveness and confidence.

  • Professional working proficiency in English and Spanish. You must be comfortable speaking with international customers and team members.

  • Experience working remotely.

  • Marketing understanding is key. SEO and WordPress knowledge are important.

  • Culture-Add. Traditional corporate culture isn’t your thing, and you would love to live and contribute to a unique company Culture, and help move it in the right direction.

  • Your main roles would be:

    • Communication

    • Resolution and focus

    • Accountability

    • Team unity

    • Well-managed projects

    • Follow-through

    • Tiebreaking to keep things moving

    • Removing obstacles or barriers

    • Prioritization and execution

    • Steady force adding cadence and consistency

    • P&L results achievement

    • Business plan executed

    • Leadership team integration and management

    • Owner of the operating system

    • Being the Visionary ideas filter

    • Day-to-day tasks run smoothie

    • Methodology leader

  • Your main challenges in this role:

    • "Having to say “no”, "when", "why", "how" a lot"

    • Potentially considered negative or pessimistic

    • Friction and tension

    • Frustration balancing so many resources

    • The person in the shadow

This is definitely a position for brave people who want to hold the power and accountability of a small and particular SaaS company aiming to scale and make a dent. 

Pay and benefits

We’re here for the long term and to create a fulfilling workplace where we all thrive. We offer:

  • A corporate culture that is the base of everything (read our Values, meet our Founders)

  • Challenging work that will impact thousands of end users creating wealth.

  • A great place to learn about startups, bootstrapping and online marketing software. 

  • Professional and personal growth planning.

  • A strong relationship, we are here for the long term. Our business is sustainable and independent from funding.

  • Salary range: 70-90K € (subject to consideration based on the profile)

  • Wealth generation through project participation (ESOP), profit sharing and a budget to develop your strategies.

Another perks

  • After two years in the team you get to participate in our profit sharing program included on top of your salary.

  • 2 annual company retreat events

  • 2K € for a computer of your choice, and an ongoing budget for equipment such as screens, keyboards, etc…

  • Remote and flexible workflow

  • Team assistant. We have a person taking care of the team. Do you need to set up an appointment, buy your children’s books for school or make a restaurant reservation? Just ask our assistant for it.

  • We believe in wisdom growth. We will also support your professional and personal growth and have resources to help you keep learning and designing your lifestyle with a 1k€ annual budget.

  • We are here for the long term. Our business is sustainable and independent from external funding.

  • We like to promote personal care and wellbeing. We have a monthly stipend for fitness and sports activities of 80€/month.

  • And this is just the beginning.There is more coming up and we are also happy to hear your ideas!

Want to know more? Take a look at our Culture Handbook.

Why not work with us 

Over the years we have learnt that culture and momentum fit is key for a successful relationship. We expect you to evaluate whether your working preferences and values match ours. 

  • You feel confident being autonomous and don’t expect someone to always lead you by the hand. That doesn’t mean you’ll be lost. The hierarchy is quite flat, lines of communication are open to any one in the company and we will support you in helping you develop your career.  

  • The company is growing and in a great financial situation. However, we are still far from being antifragile to the market. That’s why we are working hard to grow the business, diversify and make the company more stable. In this phase of the company we expect hard work from you too.

  • You can embrace uncertainty. We run smooth operations and the long term vision is clear but we are not a big corporation where everything is certain, stable and doesn’t change. Expect to explore, iterate, change strategy every once in a while, sunset projects and launch new ones.    

  • We are ambitious and aspire to wealth. We work ethically and want to have a positive impact in the world. But we prioritize business success and impact on ourselves and our families first. We share a percentage of the profits among the team. We hope to have you onboard this amazing journey too.

  • We are committed to the long term. We expect to work with you forever. Don’t apply if you are not ready to commit for at least three years minimum. 

If you feel aligned to our vision and the way we are but your role does not fulfil 100% all the requirements please don’t hesitate to still get in contact with us. Culture fit is greatly important for us and we might prioritize it over a specific technical ability (that you can learn afterwards).

What You Can Expect in the Hiring Process

We expect you as a candidate to be part of the selection process. We believe that a process like this should not be entirely asymmetrical and we are very open to explain how we operate. This process is run by Wences Garcia, our GM and co-founder of the company. 

    • Step 1: Getting to know you. Receiving a cover or presentation letter. Use the describe box below or upload a. This is a critical step for us. We expect you to take time to present yourself and let us know why you think you are a good fit for the position. Automatic posting will be disqualified.
    • Step 2: Informal conversation. Having an informal conversation about your background, experience and achievements.
    • Step 3: Deep interviews. Reviewing your future role to match your technical skills and mindset.
    • Step 4: Culture fit interview. Meeting teammates and going over about what it’s like to be a member of the team. Understand your future vision, we are here for the long term.

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