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marketgoo is not only a "do it yourself" SEO tool but a company with a different culture.

Our project is to provide web presence companies with SEO solutions that they resell. Our why is to build a company with a unique Culture, that creates impactful digital products.

Culture is Deliberate at marketgoo, and one of the pillars of our Company. It reflects on everything we do and of course on how we do it.

We make a conscious effort to cultivate it, and make sure that marketgoo is helping each team member achieve their personal and professional goals while living the life they want.

Some of our activities are based around Madrid for convenience, but we are a totally remote company.

marketgoo has grown non-stop since 2012 without a single penny of external investment. We are profitable with an amazing revenue per employee figure and we keep crushing our billing records month by month. However we are ambitious and we structured a 10 year plan to reach our goals. 10 years sounds long, but this is also key for us.

We are not planning to work together for a short period of time. We look for somebody who wants to grow and develop his career with us on the long term.

Our success is based on a small team with a strong culture of ownership and transparency. We are 18 people and many external collaborators, with a turnover rate of almost zero.

At this moment we reached a point where organization and culture are not enough to bite everything we have on our plate, and that's why we are looking for a backend engineer who can help us with out platform scalability, reliability and performance.

You can read more about us, our core values and guiding principles in our Culture Handbook. Yes, we have a culture handbook. 😎

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a backend developer with a lot of experience in PHP and at least notions and interest in C++.

As a SaaS, our platform has to be strong, reliable and always up, so we want somebody with high seniority and experience scaling complex systems for high availability that can help us to detect future problems or bottlenecks in the system to improve in advance.

We don't have specific DevOps, sysadmin or SRE positions in the team but we want all the backend team members to be able to manage the system if needed, so any experience will be very appreciated, and if not, you should at least be interested in learning about it.

Some technologies we use are C++, PHP, MySQL, Redis, Nginx or Docker. We don't expect that you already know all our technologies, you will learn over time.
You will take part in the decision making process and you will be accountable for your decisions. It's crucial in this team to have an ownership and delivery attitude.

Technical requirements:

  • Experience scaling complex systems with high workloads.
  • Experience with PHP
  • At least basic notions about C++
  • A strong drive for maintainable, scalable and quality code.
  • DevOps mindset.
  • Experience in async processes with message queues

Bonus (non mandatory nice to haves):

  • Experience with modern technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform or similar tools.
  • Experience with CI/CD.
  • Experience in SaaS environments
  • Experience with distributed systems

Non technical requirements. We value them as much as the technical ones:

  • One of our guiding principles is "Disagree and commit". We can't agree always on everything and when that happens we have to be able to put egos aside and collaborate with commitments and good attitude to accomplish our common goals. Are you capable to commit in these cases?
  • Continuous improvement spirit. We don't want you to stay in your comfort zone doing what you already know, like you always did. We want someone that enjoys challenging themselves!
  • Self-management and self-organization capacity. Nobody will control what you do or don't do. You should be capable of organizing your work to fulfill the expectations and goals we set together.
  • Good communication. Communication has a huge impact when working 100% remotely. You must be able to communicate well writing and speaking, in a direct, honest and concise manner.
  • Keep the end user in mind. We do technology, but we do it to please our customers with our product. If we can't do this, our code loses its meaning.
  • Written and spoken english proficiency. You should be able to attend a meeting in english without struggling too much.

The team

The company has 18 members and a few contractors working 100% remotely. The engineering team has 9 developers and we plan to keep growing in the next years.

We work using the "Shape Up" methodology from Basecamp and the teams are organized by projects in every cycle. Usually 1 back, 1 designer and 1 or 2 fronts).

We use Basecamp to organize projects, Slack and Meet for communication, and Calendar to organize timeboxing and meetings (we don't have specific work hours).

Our product and engineering teams work close together as a unique entity we call "Product development".

You'll work on a daily basis with this team:

Other company members:

How we expect you to progress:

In 1 month you should have had the time to learn how our systems are built, our methodology and you will have already met the whole team. During this time you will figure out how we work, how our culture is and where we need to improve.

In 3 months you will be participating in the technical decisions with the team. You will be working in our products like any other team member and you will have helped to improve our platform.

In 6 months you will understand our systems well enough to propose improvements and architecture changes by your own. At this time you will have understood how we work and you will have also helped to improve in this area. You will probably have participated at least in one retreat and you will probably have already created some memes about your peers.

In 1 year you should be completely autonomous in making relevant decisions, and you will propose your own initiatives in team meetings. By this time the team should have grown and you will probably be helping new team members to onboard.

Our Offer:

The most relevant thing is that you will work in a successful SaaS company with a different culture that provides a service for more than 300.000 paying customers that doesn't stop growing.

We offer a market salary (€ 45K - 55K) with 22 working days of vacations per year. On top of that you will enjoy some perks and our "Cultural Phase Program". We created a system where we divided our company evolution in phases, based on financial parameters and company events. Depending on which cultural phase we are, our perks and conditions can change. All the financial information is available for everyone in the company. We are now in phase 3 of 5 and this is a good indicator of the company's progress. In this phase some perks are:

  • Profit sharing. Every employee can enjoy the company success after 2 years of membership.
  • Budget for sports like gym or any other activity you prefer to stay healthy.
  • Budget for learning and events.
  • A brand new computer of your choice and/or other hardware you need.
  • 2 company retreats and 2 company meetings per year. Those are the only 4 non remote events we have each year and 2 of them are to travel and have fun together (we are not meeting in person during the COVID-19 situation).
  • Our Team Assistant will give you a hand with anything you need like helping you with purchasing tickets, making reservations...

How to apply:

If you like our proposal and you feel you can fit, please send us your CV with a short presentation video (max 5 minutes). We will love to know your interests, concerns, hobbies or whatever you want to tell us about you. We promise to answer to every application.

If your CV and your presentation video are a good fit we will call you to start the process:

  1. The first step will be a video call to know each other and to talk about your previous experience, your motivations and also about technical stuff. We will also try to solve all your questions. The goal of this call is to let us both to figure out if we are still interested to continue the process after knowing each other.

  2. The next step will be a remote and async code test. It should help us to understand how you think and how you approach to the problems we propose. It should not be anything too complex and we understand that you will do it when you can, in your free time. When we review your test, we may throw you another video call or an email to ask you about the decisions you made. Of course we understand you have things to do and we will try to adapt as much as possible to your circumstances.

  3. To finish the process we will have a last video call to meet with people from other teams in the company. In this step we look for a cultural validation to see if you share our principles and our way to understand the job.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon on this amazing video presentation 😜

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